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Music is a form of art. It’s an art that’s derived and celebrated with sound as it’s medium. It’s the art of putting sounds in an organized way that leaves a soothing sensation to the listener’s ears. Music is also a form rhythmic noise that tried to trick and play with the idiot brain. It has four parts : pitch, rhythm, dynamic, timbre. Music has many forms and can be produced and enjoyed anywhere. Music is often termed as the only element that’s independent of universe cosmic energies and causes time to flow through instantaneous universe. There is no particular definition of music. It’s healing sensation for some, for some it is a life style, for some it’s a profession and for some it’s the only delight left in life. Music in today’s world is a part of every moment. From the loud speakers in ceremonies to the movies to the ear phones plugged in our ears, music is everywhere! The technology itself has caused music to rise in popularity to such a level. Digital music has also played a role in how we perceive the expectancy of perfectness of a played music. In old times, music was relayed with singers singing completely relying on the tone and perfectness of their voices and melodies. With the rise in technological advancements, we have computers which auto tune human recorded voice into perfectness and faultless. Though the advantages, there are many disadvantages like people don’t appreciate human melodies since often their ears find the hidden faults in the melodies that were to be hidden by the auto tuning functions. However the digital technology has brought us with different ways of enjoying it and in varied ways, formats in its own terms. The digital world presents music in various formats including mp3, wav, flac, mpg, was formats etc. Out of these, the mp3 is the most chosen and played one. It is best suited because of it’s popularity and is easily portable because of it’s compressed nature. It can be played in almost every music player and downloaded easily. However it’s not always all merry. Because of it’s large acceptance, mp3 files are often pirated, downloaded breaking copyright laws and other illegal crimes. Though every format has their fair share of advantages and disadvantages and it’s quite natural because every coin has two sides. With rise in technology, music has reached in space, you can fill music in every part of your daily life with just the touch of a button. Just a few megabytes can contain so many feelings that can be derived by each according to his own. It indeed plays a great role of everyone’s life by keeping their life paceful, distracting them from the undeserving load and nuisances of world. It help us in so many ways from helping to concentrate during work to keep the mind relaxed and acceleration of refreshing the brain to making us healthy mentally and spiritually. It’s also a form of exercise that strengthen the confidence level and keeps chemicals and hormone level balanced. Music is indeed a blessing from nature!

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