About Radiation4

Music is art. It is one of many ways to express one’s mind that is so hard to convey in speaking. When you can put into words the feelings inside, but don’t know how to talk about it, that’s when a song is composed. When you can create a good beat but don’t know how to sustain it, that’s when a music is jammed. It all started with a small idea, and let’s move the big foot forward to make it in the music industry.

Radiation4 serves as a general guide to make good music. From basic techniques to technical aspects in making tones and beats to create a great one. It has facts and tips as a guide to make music or song run smoothly in a studio or stereo.

At Radiation4, we cover articles that are useful in recording sounds and other aspects to consider in doing it. It has general ideas to music formats, audio files, audio engineers etc. that is very important in the music scene. Those technicalities are not easy to learn with, that is why through deep research, we gathered information that would be a great contribution to your next gig.

Basically, this site provides all the technical terms in the music industry whether it is for the newbie or an expert group that can utilize the information that we have. This wide-range of topic about the technicalities of recording sound and music are the most important factors, especially for the starters. These articles can be a great assistance in making it in the industry someday.

Do you have sounding ideas in mind that can be a great contribution in Radiation4? We would love to hear it! You may contact us for your suggestion about the site. We can’t wait to hear it from you!


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