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facts about mp3 format

Some facts about music in Mp3 format

Music is a form of art. It's an art that's derived and celebrated with sound as it's medium. It's the ...
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audio doubles

Why You Should Create Doubles

You can add some thickness to your studio production by creating a double effect that mimics the sound of the ...
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audio files

Audio Files Prepared for Mastering

Are you planning to have your music played on the radio? By mastering your music, you prepare it for the ...
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sound design training

Sound Design Training: Additive vs. Subtractive Synthesis

When you go to school to learn about sound design, you learn a lot about MIDI Programs, Electronic Music, and ...
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Recording Studio

Maximizing Your Time in the Recording Studio

If you have ever recorded in a studio, you understand that the recording process, to be effective, must be streamlined ...
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Audio Engineers Mistakes

Beginner Audio Engineers Mistakes

When you first start your career as a mix engineer, you can be quite overwhelmed. You need to remember that ...
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